OHRD is organizing an engaged, educated and empowered base of individuals, rooted in local communities and our shared vision.

Members join OHRD as part of a self-interest campaign: joining a Coop that provides them material benefits,; joining a campaign that directly impacts or politically interests them; or joining a Network that politically or socially interests them.

Because we are building whole people and whole movements, OHRD is actively struggling against the tendency towards political isolationism. It is not enough to want fresh produce or to join a campaign against gentrification, we must be committed to understanding the connection between these struggles. 

Connecting two or more struggles that at first glance appear unrelated is the living embodiment of intersectionality and interconnectivity. It is not enough to theorize about intersectionality, we must live and practice the concept. Making these connections- living intersectionality- is the heart of our Community Organizing effort.

Our organizing is carried out in a three-fold strategy involving:

Member Orientation and Support provides potential and current members the space to meet and assess political alignment.

Leadership Development program emphases political education, skills building, organizational leadership development

Organizing Assemblies which include Organizational Assemblies (members' only gatherings) and Community Assemblies (open to all community members).

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