Movement Building

Movement Building


OHRD works locally to model change at the level of institutions (e.g., education, government/the state, the economy, etc), but our vision is to transform the world through collaboration, promotion, and coalition-building. To this end, we engage in the national and international arenas in the following ways:.

  • Freedom Papers: An OHRD Blog, which provides news, original analysis and commentary on current events, policies and practices, and advances new theories on and models of intersectional human rights organizing from a grassroots perspective.
  • United Nations Processes: OHRD utilizes the United Nations processes and special representatives to lift up on-the-ground issues before an international audience to then shine a spotlight on the many human rights violations taking place here at home. This provides another opportunity to collaborate with other national and international organizations, thereby expanding the scope of our work.
  • Biennial Conference on Applied Intersectionality: The major goal of OHRD’s biennial national conference is to provide the space and opportunity for grassroots organizers and theorists to come together to share best practices, collaborate, and promote intersectional human rights-based strategies for achieving justice and true democracy.

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