Alternative Institutions

Alternative Institutions

Alt-Institutions-300x200OHRD envisions a world in which coops, and other alternative institutions, are an economic strategy to create a new system, based on cooperative principles and collective ownership that enables the restructuring of power, resources and wealth in order to protect and sustain human rights, dignity and justice.

Current Cooperatives

OHRD is currently supporting the following enterprises and efforts:

The Coop Coordination Hub: The incubation and coordination center that provides resources, administrative support (e.g., fiscal support, facilitation, etc), and strategic direction to small to medium size businesses and other community-led institutions.

AJC Learning and Liberation Center: A learning center for parents who want to ‘unschool’ their children. Includes shared work among families and workers and empowers families, workers and learners to make decisions about the direction of the coop.

The SouthWest Atlanta Food Coop: A cooperative buying service where consumers are owners of the fresh produce buying club.

Regenerate Atlanta Loan Fund: A micro-loan fund and cooperative business developer, RA funds and supports new and existing enterprises through a democractic, non-extractive, forward paying, environmentally sustainable model. Regenerate Atlanta is a local branch of Seed Commons, a national CDFI.

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