Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission & Values


In September of 2010, the organization began operating under the name, the Atlanta Public Sector Alliance (APSA). With an expanded vision and a refinement of its goals and objectives, a new organizational name was chosen to better reflect its work. As of March 2015, the organization became known as the Organization for Human Rights and Democracy (OHRD).



The Vision of the Organization for Human Rights and Democracy is for all people to govern the institutions, steward the resources and perform the cultural practices to safely pursue our full potential, in harmony with Mother Earth.



The Organization for Human Rights and Democracy (OHRD) engages in multi-issue, grassroots, radical, intersectional human rights organizing to transform communities and the world using Metro-Atlanta as the model. We are guided by the lived experiences, the activism, and the knowledge of Black feminists and women of color. We prioritize working class people of color and the conditions they experience to build movements and an institution for change.

Using education and action, we address deeply rooted matters of gender, disability, economic, racial, and environmental justice driven by political independence and human rights principles. OHRD articulates a new vision for how Metro-Atlanta and the world will realize, protect, and expand our human rights. We empower our members to become leaders armed with political analysis and a personal/political approach to building power for comprehensive and holistic liberation.



We are guided by a set of principles that together reflect our influences and commitments, our purpose and goals, and our process and approach. We believe in:

  • Group-Centered Leadership by the Most Affected
  • The Intersectionality of Oppressions
  • Building Bridges and Multi-Issue Struggle
  • Maintaining an International Perspective
  • A Human Rights Framework
  • Reflection and Action (Praxis)
  • The Personal as Political
  • Political Independence
  • Principled Partnerships
  • Principles over a Seat at the Table
  • Whole People, Whole Movements
  • Seduction/Irresistible 

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